Finding a Plastic Surgical Skin Care Specialist

Locating the ideal candidate to join your plastic surgical team is a challenge, but recruitment resources abound. Planning and research facilitate your selection process and maximize success.

Recruitment Strategies

  • Analyze the needs of your practice
  • Which services do you want to provide?
  • Identify credentials necessary to perform services.
  • Develop the job description and define the scope of practice.
  • List the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to do the job.
  • Always consider the existing culture of the practice.
  • Check with your malpractice carrier for any restrictions or waivers in your policy related to a non-clinical employee or third party contractor rendering patient services in the office.

Referral Sources

  • Consider training existing staff members with appropriate credentials.
    Existing staff members know your practice, plastic surgery, and your patient population.
  • Employee contacts in the community
    Ask your employees to inquire when seeking salon, hair, or nail care.
  • Plastic Surgical Employee Organizations
    -Society of Plastic Surgical Skin Care Specialists
    -American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgical Nurses
    -Association of Plastic Surgery Assistants
    -Plastic Surgery Administrative Association
    (All of these organizations have membership newsletters and can assist you in your search.)
  • Skin Care Training Institutes
    Skin care training centers may have classes for those specialists seeking medical positions.
  • Laser Centers
    Qualified and trained nurses may be interested in joining a plastic surgical team.
  • Advertisements: Want Ads
    Local newspapers, nursing journals and skin care industry periodicals are traditional recruitment sources. Target candidates by using local and community publications.
  • Vendor Referrals
    Skin care companies that sell to plastic surgeons, companies from which you buy injectable products, and laser manufacturers often have lists of trained individuals for their product lines and treatments.