Guidelines for Professional Conduct

Our individual philosophies about right and wrong serve as the foundation for what we know as ethics. Professional and ethical behavior is conforming to accepted and professional standards of conduct in all contacts with our patients, our colleagues and the public. Professional ethics are a consensus on the manner in which we choose to conduct ourselves.

The Board of Directors unanimously adopted these guidelines to familiarize the skin care specialist with some of their ethical responsibilities as a member of the plastic surgical office team and as a member of the SPSSCS.

  • Licensure: Plastic surgical skin care specialists practice at the highest professional standards. SPSSCS members shall maintain a current license in nursing, cosmetology, or aesthetics, as is required by their resident state.

  • Scope of Practice: SPSSCS members shall be familiar with their scope of practice as outlined by their Nurse or Cosmetology Practice Acts and will safely practice within those parameters.

  • Use of Recognized Credentials: SPSSCS members shall only use credentials that are recognized by their licensing boards of nursing or cosmetology. Credentials are issued by licensing or certification boards. SPSSCS members shall refrain from using job titles that may be misrepresentative to the public as to one’s level of training or that may signify association with another known course of study.

  • Property Rights of the Plastic Surgeon: All patient and practice information is confidential and the sole property of the plastic surgeon, and shall not be used in any manner after employment terminates or a contract agreement expires.

  • Raffles and Contests: SPSSCS members may participate in a charity, raffle, fund raising event, contest or other promotion in which the prize is a gift certificate or other document redeemable for products or an in-office consultation.

  • Kickbacks for Referrals: SPSSCS members shall not pay or receive a commission for referral of patients.

  • Patient Confidentiality: A patient’s right to privacy is inviolate. SPSSCS members shall not reveal a patient’s confidence.

  • Respect for Society Members: SPSSCS members hold each member of this Society and our professional colleagues with respect and professional recognition and shall not verbally or in writing demean, discredit or voice false accusations against any member or colleague.

  • Advertising to the Public: The purpose of advertising is to assist the public in obtaining plastic surgical skin care services. We are permitted to advertise. Regulation is necessary and in the public interest. Information must be truthful, while prohibiting false, fraudulent, deceptive or misleading communications.