SPSSCS Member Logo – Guidelines

The SPSSCS member-logo is an effective way to emphasize your specialization in skin care to prospective patients. The following guidelines explain how you can display the SPSSCS logo on your business cards and letterhead, advertisements and practice web site.

The following guidelines are in effect as of April 12, 2004.

  1. The SPSSCS logo may only be used by Active, Associate, and International members. It is to be used to signify their membership in the Society of Plastic Surgical Skin Care Specialists.
  2. The SPSSCS logo may be used on the following types of materials: business cards; letterhead; stationary; office signs; advertising including social media, newspapers, magazines and television; and your practice website (or in conjunction with an official listing of your practice on another website).SPSSCS reserves the right to be the sole provider of computer files to be used in the production of these materials.
  3. The SPSSCS logo may be used in a group setting, provided that at least one member of the group is an Active Member. The member(s) of the Society must be clearly identified. An asterisk is a suggested means of identification. Associates in the member’s practice who are not members of SPSSCS may not use the symbol except in the manner described above.
  4. Any reproduction of the SPSSCS logo shall not be more than twice the size of the practice name.
  5. All qualified users of the SPSSCS logo must ensure that the symbol is not placed on any item in such a manner as to give the appearance that the symbol is owned or controlled by any entity other than the Society of Plastic Surgical Skin Care Specialists.
  6. Use of the SPSSCS logo must not imply that the Skin Care Specialist is an “official representative” of the organization nor that brochures or other printed materials are published or endorsed by Society of Plastic Surgical Skin Care Specialists.
  7. When used in combination with a logo or logos of other societies, the other logo(s) must be the same size as the SPSSCS logo.

Logo Description
The physician, nurse and aesthetician relationship is signified by the triangle with the wavy line representing the patient’s wrinkles becoming smooth. Medicine is represented by the color green.

Logo Art
The SPSSCS logo artwork is available free of charge to all Active, Associate and International members. This artwork can be used when developing printed materials. To download a JPEG file of the logo suitable for use on the web site click here.

Logo Color Printing
It is suggested that the color printing of the SPSSCS logo use the Society’s official color: [Pantone 562U]. To download a TIFF file of the logo suitable for use to print click here.

If you have questions regarding the SPSSCS logo guidelines, please contact the SPSSCS Central Office at 800-486-0611, or email info@spsscs.org