Philanthropic Activities

What is the SPSSCS?

The Society of Plastic Surgical Skin Care Specialists is uniquely positioned as the only national skin care specialty organization aligned with a medical specialty, plastic surgery.  The organization was created from a need to educate and provide clinical skills to skin care specialists who provide services to plastic surgical patients in the offices of board certified plastic surgeons.  Our many treatment modalities include corrective and rejuvenating skin care, chemical exfoliation and peeling of the skin, micropigmentation, microdermabrasion, and the application of corrective and camouflage make-up for after surgery and laser recovery.  Our membership totals 350 and is comprised of both nurses and aestheticians.

Philanthropic Activities

Goal:  Provide an opportunity for SPSSCS members to “give back” in their community and share their expertise with those in need.

Since 2005, members of the Society have volunteered their services to burn survivors during the annual World Burn Congress sponsored by the Phoenix Society.  Our members share their expertise in the application and selection of camouflage make-up to help burn survivors boost their self esteem by appearing more “normal” when in public.  The survivors learn proper camouflage techniques, how to draw their eyebrows and lip lines, and leave with the tools to help them apply their own make-up once they return home.  Those who volunteer are inspired by the strength of these survivors and learn so much about the power of a positive attitude and the desire to succeed despite their situation.

The program expanded in 2007 to include a list of SPSSCS members (who participated in World Burn) on the Phoenix Society website that can be used as a resource for burn survivors throughout the year.