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1. How can a nurse interested in skin care treatments get the training that she needs to perform these procedures?

One does not need to become an Aesthetician to perform skin care treatments but if you do want to, then you need to contact your State Cosmetology Board to locate reputable schools in your area. Most medical skin care companies have a sales rep or educational training program that they would only be too happy to come to you or you go to them and they will explain skin, product knowledge, usage and procedures necessary for you to feel comfortable in performing treatments. This is only when you have been hired by a physician. This is true when it comes to lasers or any injectables that you may want to learn the companies have educational programs. By joining and attending the SPSSCS meeting held annually, you will learn a lot more on what to implement in your new practice. We do at times offer training courses in injectables for nurses and you will also receive CEU’s for your attendance.

December 30, 2011