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1. Can anyone share the in’s & out’s of non-compete agreements?

When a physician or anyone hires you and you are working in their office and on their patients or clients and you decide to leave – or you are dismissed, those contacts that you have made belong to the physician or your place of employment as well as their charts or personal information. This is done to protect your boss. The compete clause may ask you not to work within a certain mile (usually 7 mile) radius of the office. This is not unusual in any line of business. A salon would not like you to take the clientele that you have worked on either-it may be the choice of that patient/client may want to follow you but you are not allowed to contact that person.

A lawyer once told me that they may not be able to take recourse on us in as much as you are not making more than that doctor or boss and are not interfering in his total livelihood.

As for the Society’s stance – non-compete clauses are between you and the physician we do not have a statement on that.

December 30, 2011